Little Hero Maimoonah splashes from strength to strength!

Meet 1-and-a-half-year-old Maimoonah Syed from Dublin!

Maimoonah was born three weeks early and had a low birth weight, jaundice and low blood sugars.   Like many premature babies, Maimoonah was tiny –  she was not very strong and was slow to hold up her head. 

When she was 4 months old, she started her Water Babies journey with her Mum who was very nervous as she doesn’t know how to swim.   After just 3 weeks of baby swimming classes, Maimoonah was holding her head up!! ‘She became stronger and stronger and we know Water Babies has played such a big role in her gaining this strength’ says Mum Aisha. ‘One of the best days of our lives was just last month when she held on to the side of the pool by herself!’ 

Maimoonah still has some health issues and there have been a few hospital stays but they always look forward to our Saturdays Splish Splashing at Water Babies!