About us

The extraordinary story of an extraordinary business

Water Babies began in Ireland in 2009 when two sisters brought the magic of baby swimming across from the UK ... and the rest is history.

We grew faster than anyone could have imagined, and thanks to an incredible network of like-minded people we’ve now taught  thousands of little ones (and even some of their parents!) to swim. Through franchising we’ve been able to achieve stable and sustainable growth, with even more exciting developments yet to come.

This approach has also enabled us to achieve phenomenal growth in the UK and we're now looking to spread our water-wings and extend our business internationally. We really do plan to teach the world to swim!

People are what made Water Babies what it is today, and we’re incredibly proud of ours: our franchise owners; our many teachers, photographers & dipographers; and all those at our head office. We’re a laid-back yet very determined bunch — who all love babies, love swimming, and love bringing the two together as often as we can.

Great people tend to nurture great values, and we’re equally proud of what Water Babies stands for. The concept of family is so important to us that we do everything we can to promote it — in our classes, in the way we’re organised, and in the way we do business. It means we insist on only the very best for our people and our clients (whether they weigh under 6lbs or measure over 6’).

Because of our values, we’re very conscious of our community responsibilities. That means thinking about how we can help to save children’s lives; how we can encourage healthy lifestyles and care for the environment; how we can be a better employer and a better customer; and how we can be inclusive of all groups in society.

If you like what we stand for, you might be interested in becoming part of our story. We offer a range of career opportunities (so be sure to check out our current vacancies), and we mean it when we say that anybody can become anything at Water Babies! All sorts of people, with all sorts of backgrounds, have achieved all sorts of amazing things with us. At Water Babies, there are no limits!