Your child's safety

Nothing matters more than your baby's safety

This page should reassure you in case you have even the slightest worry about safety. But if you still have concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to your local Water Babies office.  

Choose the safest option for your child
There is currently no legislation covering baby swimming — or swimming classes for any age, for that matter. Anyone can set up a baby-swimming school, regardless of whether they have any experience or qualifications, and no one will be along to monitor what they do. That’s why, at Water Babies, we challenge ourselves to go ‘above and beyond’, ensuring that everything we do keeps your precious baby or toddler as safe and happy as possible.  

Keeping your little one safe
Your baby or toddler couldn’t be in better hands. We take all the safety precautions you’d expect (and some you probably wouldn’t even consider), and we also teach you and your baby/toddler essential tips about pool-side and swimming safety — including the safest way to get into the water. You’ll also stay with your child throughout the lesson.  

Joan and Esme smiling in the poolSmiles all round from Joan and Esme!

Going underwater
It’s perfectly safe for your baby to go underwater, thanks to a series of natural reflexes which kick in automatically underwater. These reflexes will eventually diminish, but getting your child used to the water before that happens will help them learn how to handle being in and under the water. And it means your child will be able to have an underwater photo taken! 

The pools we use
We have very close working relationships with all the pools we hire. We monitor pool conditions closely, and we even operate our own Pool Doctor service, offering free consultancy to pool operators to ensure their venues are maintained safely and efficiently. We carry out risk assessments at each pool, to ensure that we operate to the highest health & safety standards.  

We’re fully insured
We carry substantial public liability insurance — however, we do our very best to ensure nothing ever goes wrong in the first place! We take great care in the training of our teachers and in the structuring of our programme.  

If something happens
Should any minor incident occur, all of our teachers are qualified life-savers and are trained to carry out infant resuscitation (a qualification which they renew every two years). All teachers also carry:  

  • first-aid kits    
  • first-aid books
  • mobile phones
  • emergency action plans, customised for each pool
  • local emergency numbers

Meeting the Watermark standard
Because of our commitment to excellence, Water Babies has introduced Watermark, a business performance standard for our franchisees. This new standard has been developed in line with the British Standards Institution PAS 81 document, ‘Specification for the management of swimming schools 2011’. Meeting the Watermark standard will ensure that our local offices continue to lead industry practice.