Nappies to swim in

We've got it covered! (but forgive the pun...)

Fact of life: babies poo whenever they feel the need, and even happily toilet-trained toddlers can ignore the warning signs when they’re having loads of fun.

That’s why all Water Babies, baby or toddler, must wear our double nappy system at their swim classes, which means a paper swim nappy (disposable or reusable) with an approved neoporene nappy over the top. Our extensive research shows that this combination is best for avoiding accidents in the pool (seriously, you’ll thank us!)  

Ordinary swim nappies aren’t enough
Our belt-and-braces approach really helps to avoid leaks, which in turn helps to prevent the spread of all sorts of bugs.  

Thomas snug in his Happy NappyThomas snug in his neoprene nappy

If you spot a leak
If anything ever does escape from a nappy (whether your own baby’s or anyone else’s) please tell the teacher immediately. We promise we won't be cross! It’s for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.  

When there’s been a leak
Any accidents generally mean the pool will have to be closed for the next few hours, and could result in ending your class and cancelling the ones following. So apart from all the sensible health reasons, our double nappy system will also spare your and your baby’s blushes!  

Choosing a ‘top’ nappy
The neoprene top nappy must form a good seal around little tummies and thighs, so this really isn’t the time to buy two sizes up and ‘let them grow into it’! Your local Water Babies office will be able to help. If the neoprene nappy you buy from us turns out not to fit, we'll happily change it for you at your first lesson.  

Choosing a paper ‘under’ nappy
When it comes to the paper nappy, don't worry if you can't initially find one small enough; it's the fit of the top one that counts. Several disposable swim-nappies are available on the market, such as Huggies Little Swimmers. You shouldn’t attempt to use an ordinary disposable nappy, as it will just do its job and soak up vast amounts of poolwater — and saturated nappies split open, meaning there’s a greater risk of contaminating the pool. Plus, your poor baby will weigh a ton!  

Environmentally friendly nappies
Disposable nappies can be a major contributor to landfill, so as an alternative to paper swim-nappies we offer reusable swim-nappies and liners. These can be bought direct from most local Water Babies offices.  

Keeping a spare
Please do always have a spare paper swim-nappy available, as you may need a quick mid-swim change. But if you’re caught short, our teachers usually have spares available, so do ask.

Dealing with used nappies
It’s vitally important that you always take all your used nappies away with you, unless a clearly marked nappy bin has been provided by the pool venue. Please, never leave any nappies in an open-topped bin.