We were on TV3's Ireland AM this morning!

Therese who runs Water Babies in Ireland East (along with her sister Carol) joined Mark Cagney on Ireland AM to discuss the benefits of bringing your baby swimming!

George, one of the toddlers from our National Baby Swimming Week video joined us with his Mum Siobhan too!

Baby swimming is academically proven to have a number of physical, mental and emotional benefits. For example, by the time they start school, children who have been to structured swimming classes in the early years were found to be ahead of their non-swimming peers by 11 months when it comes to oral expression.[1]  As well as helping to significantly impact little ones’ strength and co-ordination[2], baby swimming has also been proven to boost confidence and stimulate positive emotions[3].


[1] Early Years Swimming Research Project, Griffith University

[2] Norwegian University of Science & Technology

[3] German Sports College, Cologne