Molly & Mum learn to love the water!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Molly Hanlon from from Meath!

Molly was born 7 weeks early in September 2017 and joined Water Babies in Clane earlier this year for a variety of reasons.   Mum Jessica O’Bryan thought it would be a fun and new way to experience some bonding time together while socialising with other babies, but mostly she hoped it would help her development and motor skills since Molly was premature.  

Jessica said “I can definitely say that Water Babies has given us all of these things and more.  Since joining Water Babies Molly and myself have gained so much confidence in the water and this really showed when we were away on our first holiday!   We spent so much time in the pool playing the games and singing the songs we learned in class!  I never really enjoyed the water however I absolutely love going in with Molly now.  We are on our second chapter of our Water Babies journey and we will continue on through our stages enjoying every second of it together!!