Swimming is bonding time for Hazel & Dad!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Hazel Clancy from Limerick! 

Hazel never liked the bath or the feeling of water however it all changed when she joined Water Babies with her Dad when she was 9 months old.   Dad Tony Clancy said  ”We attended a Water Babies taster class in Limerick last April and it was amazing.  Straight from the off she loved it. The songs, the other babies and the interaction.   We signed her up as soon as we got home, and now we`re two weeks into chapter 2 and delighted to see how far she has come in such a short time.   Hazel’s word association is excellent and I love to see her automatically holding on at the side of the warm pool with no help from me. The second I start saying "hold on" her hands just go out - even when we`re shopping and she`s sitting in the trolley I say it and she just does it. “

“Water Babies is the first thing I’ve have done with her on my own in my daddy role and I really look forward to our time in the pool every week.   It`s just amazing to see her little face light up when we`re going into the warm pool.   We are going on our first family holiday in January and before Water Babies I would have been nervous about the pool however I now have catalogue of information, songs, games and know how to look after Hazel in the pool and can’t wait for this part of the holiday. Water Babies has been amazing and I can’t wait to watch my little girl develop through all the chapters.”