Meet the National Baby Swimming Week stars!

Meet the team of Water Babies kids who came along to record our National Baby Swimming Week videos.

Jack O’Leary & Eoghan Kenny

Jack O’Leary and Eoghan Kenny both 8 years old started Water Babies together when they were just 5 and 10 weeks old – they attended the first ever Water Babies class in the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham over 8 years ago and are still great friends!


Eve Maloney

Eve Maloney swam with Water Babies in the Clarion Liffey Valley up until she graduated last year and her little sister Rachel is in her second term.  Eve who celebrates her 6th Birthday in October is very chatty and animated about all things in life including swimming!  She loved the fun she had in her classes, the friends she made and how safe it makes her while swimming on her holidays.


Sean Hutchinson

Seán is 3 years old and loves going to his Water Babies classes every Saturday in St Michael’s House swimming pool.  His favourite things to show people are his tiger arms and monkey monkey!


Sinead Fogarty

Sinead Fogarty has just graduated from her Water Babies classes in Galway. Sinead hasn't had the easiest of Water Babies’ journeys as she was born with laryngomalacia which she has outgrown thanks to her weekly swimming lessons.  Sinead also developed severe ear problems which meant surgery in both ears and grommets were inserted, which meant no swimming for a year and has Asthma.  Sinead has to take inhalers every day however you wouldn't know it when she is in the water as she just spends her time underwater and is so good at controlling her breathing which mum believes is improving her lung function.  Sinead’s Mum said “I am so grateful to Water Babies, they have been so amazing, believe me Sinead loves nothing more than being in the water and that is all thanks to Water Babies.”


George Barry

George who just turned 4 years old, started Water Babies as a baby in the Harold's Cross Hospice and then moved to the Mespil Road Pool last year. He loves the water, swimming, even a bit of surfing now :-) and is a big chatterbox and has great language. His little sister, Harriet, just started Water Babies  recently in Harold's Cross and loved it!!!

Layla Power

Layla Power is three years of age and swims with Kay in St Michael's House. She started Water Babies when she was just 6 weeks old. Layla loves swimming and talking in equal measures. She is a real little chatterbox. She loves swimming underwater, jumping in and going on the wibble wobble board!