Little Hero Ravenna & Mum both benefit from swimming!

Meet 1-year-old Ravenna Gorman from Co Meath!

Ravenna was born with an underdeveloped hip and has been going to specialists and for X-rays over the past year.   Ravenna started swimming at Water Babies when she was only four weeks old and her Mum Yvette believes that since starting Water Babies Ravenna’s hip has improved greatly between two X-rays which were a few months apart and is now growing on its own.   Despite have an underdeveloped hip and being the youngest in her class, Ravenna has made great progress. 

Ravenna’s mum is also overcoming a big challenge as she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks which has made it hard for her to get out of the house and be with other people however swimming with Ravenna has really helped Yvette.  “Ravenna has certainly been a little hero to me.”

A massive congrats to both Ravenna and Mum Yvette!