Water Babies singing helps Michael's speech!

Meet 4-year-old Michael Maan from Dublin!

Michael was diagnosed as being tongue tied when he was four months old as he wasn’t putting on enough weight.  He was put on solid foods to boost his weight however as the procedure to release his tongue was deemed ‘cosmetic’, his doctor didn’t think it was necessary at the time.   Michael met every developmental milestone however there were little things he couldn’t do, like lick a lollipop, an ice cream or he couldn’t lick his lips and he never spoke. He made sounds but never said “Mama” “Dada” or any of those baby words that eventually develop into actual words and sentences.

Michael loves Water Babies and one night in the bath as he made his usual sounds he splashed his Mum and she realised he was trying to say “Splish Splash” then he lay on his back and sang, pitch perfectly “on your back like nice and flat” not just a sound here-and-there, but every note for every word of the entire song. He never shaped one word correctly but the tune was there, so his Mum started singing it with him and he was delighted!!!  He could communicate!  Michael’s Mum told her GP and speech therapist and asked to be referred to have his tongue tie released.

Once Michael had the surgery he began shaping words correctly and the first comment his teacher gave me when he started pre-school is that he is a “chatty little boy”  - THE best compliment I could ever get about him.  Thanks to Water Babies this clever little hero got his Mums attention and let her know he was desperately trying to talk and now he can sing the words to the song with his big sister.

A big splashy congrats to Michael!