Toddler Jenna bounces back from broken leg!

Meet 3-year-old Jenna Foley McGroarty from Dublin!

Last July, Jenna when she was just 2 years old, had an accident while away on her summer holidays and broke her leg.  Jenna and her family had to fly home the next day so that Temple Street hospital could assess the situation. She had a broken femur and had to be in a spica cast for 4 weeks.   After the cast was removed, her parents were advised that it would 2-3 weeks before Jenna would be able to walk properly.   

Jenna’s Mum took her to her Water Babies class and was amazed that Jenna was able to swim like nothing was wrong.   Her swimming classes really helped in her recovery and even though she couldn’t walk properly she was still able to have fun and enjoy swimming.  Swimming was a great form of physio and within 3 weeks Jenna was walking again and by 4 weeks she was back to running around to her parents delight and also to the delight of her doctor in Temple Street!

Well done Jenna!