Little Hero Jack wants to be an Engineer Diver just like Mum!

Meet 6-month-old Jack Hughes from Cork!

Jack started Water Babies in the Radisson Hotel in Cork when he was just six weeks old.   He was the smallest in his class however he showed his Mum (and others in the class) how incredibly amazing it is for such a small person to have the ability to adapt easily to a water environment. Jack has progressed to Chapter 2 in the COPE Foundation Pool and is still amazing his Mum with the lifesaving skills he has learnt with ease.  

Jack’s Mum Kerrie who is Ireland’s only female Engineer Diver said “As an engineer diver myself I was adamant that Jack would learn the respect that water deserves and I’m delighted that this experience could happen so soon in his life - who knows, he may become a diver also.”

Happy diving Jack and Mum Kerrie!