Little Hero Ruadhán swims from strength to strength

Meet our Little Hero award winner 3-year-old Ruadhán Kerins from Galway!

Ruadhán started Water Babies in Clare Galway Hotel when he was five months after spending four months in hospital with a very rare illness requiring major surgery on his pancreas in the UK.  When Ruadhán finally got home to Galway he still had a lot of needs. He was fed through a feeding tube and his mobility was quite limited due to lying on one side in hospital and he had severe flat head. 

Water Babies classes helped transform his body physically and helped us both with confidence and transitioning from the aids and supports of hospital to being home.  Mum Ciara Kerins said “Although Ruadhán was different to other children Water Babies helped us feel included and Ruadhán was treated just as any other little boy. Ruadhán had times where he struggled with going under water but we stuck with it and I found it such a lovely time for us to bond and forget everything.  We have continued to go to Water Babies and we have made some amazing friends. Ruadhán is now on chapter 11 and has been cured of his illness.   He is currently a healthy and happy little boy who absolutely loves the water.  We owe so much to Water Babies for being a part in how well Ruadhán is today.”

Well done Ruadhán!