Water Babies benefits both Pippa & Dad Aaron!

Meet our Little Hero award winner 16-month-old Pippa Devereux from Wexford!

Pippa Devereux has Down Syndrome and she absolutely loves swimming, her eyes light up the minute she sees the pool and wants to get straight in.   Aaron, her father can’t swim properly and didn’t particularly think he would enjoy bring her but actually now loves it and had gained confidence in the water because Pippa gets so much out of it. Swimming has helped her physical development massively as she has low muscle tone and the work put in, in the pool strengthens all of her muscles. She is ahead of her milestones for her condition and a lot of this is down to her swimming every week!   Gillian Devereux said “I am so proud of them both and we have Water Babies to thank for this success. Water Babies has made a real difference in our household and we’ll look forward to everyone progressing in the water”

Well done to Pippa!