Learning to hold on proves a life saver for little Oilibhia!

Meet Little Hero 1-year-old Oilibhia Maebh Giltenan from Limerick.

Oilibhia was born early and spent some time in ICU in Limerick. She is a very happy baby and despite many issues and hospital appointments you would never know there was anything wrong with her! She's remarkable! 

Oilibhia started swimming with Water Babie at just 15 weeks in Greenhills in Limerick and her story is very simple but amazing. Water Babies teaches babies to 'hold on' to the rail during swimming class in the warm swimming pool and after completing three terms of Water Babies, the word association that Oilibhia has with hold on has been beneficial to her while trying to get her to hold on and use her nebulizer.

Mum Michelle Jackson said Oilibhia hates the mask of the nebuilizer around her face but with showing her the open tube and telling her to 'hold on hold on hold on', she hold the tube that is releasing much needed medication. Oilibhia didn't eat for months however now that her lungs and chest are clearing up she is beginning to eat and drink again and that's thanks to holding on.

Swimming has allowed me to bond with Oilibhia on a different level to my other three children. It's not that I love her any more or less, but there is a trust built up from an early age and that's been strengthened we believe from swimming.

Well done to Oilibhia and Mum Michelle!