Little Hero Ella beat the wobbles!

Meet our final Little Hero 3 year old Ella Fitzgerald from Dublin!

Ella Fitzgerald started her Water Babies journey when she was three months old. She loved the water from day one and would be full of smiles during her baby swimming class.

However, shortly after Ella turned one it all changed and she developed a severe case of the ‘Wobbles’ - Ella got a fright one day around water and Ella's love turned to hate. She would stiffen up so much that trying to get Ella into a bath or pool became near impossible.

When Cliona, Ella's Water Babies teacher in Blackrock Hospice came into Ella's life things changed for the best however it took nearly a year for Ella to get over the Wobbles and get back in the pool fully. Ella loves swimming every week, after overcoming a huge challenge and has made her family very proud!