Brave Chloe is a happy confident swimmer despite health issues!

Meet our Little Hero award winner Chloe McCabe from Dublin!

Little Hero Chloe McCabe was born with a dislocated hip and her other hip was dysplastic which meant that before she even left the hospital she was put into a cast.  Chloe’s hip brace kept her knees at right angles to her hips so she was always in a ‘frog’ position which meant that cuddling, hugging, dressing and all the things you take for granted weren’t an option.   At five months, mum Lynsey McCabe asked the nurses about starting Water Babies and they agreed it would benefit Chloe’s hips so they began Water Babies classes in Roganstown like her older brother had done!   Chloe adored the water and loved the excuse to get her harness off! 

At 14 months, Chloe developed a massive lump around her airways and had to have emergency surgery to remove it in order for her to breath.  Chloe missed weeks of Water Babies classes while recovering and during this time developed another mass on her collar bone – it was ‘branchial cyst’ which also had to be removed.  Unfortunately, the operation didn’t remove the full cyst and a few weeks into recovery she ended up in A&E with a lump the size of a golf ball which restricted her breathing was again!   Despite all this, Chloe persevered with Water Babies is now a happy and confident little swimmer.

Well done to Chloe!