Little Hero Carmen is making waves!

Meet our first Little Hero award winner 15-month-old Carmen Rose Fahey Palma from Kerry!

Little Hero Carmen attended her first Water Babies class when she was 5 months old.  Carmen was born prematurely at 29 + 6 weeks at a tiny 2lbs 11oz and spent seven weeks in the NICU and was so brave throughout the whole journey.  Mums Adeline and Paula from Castlegregory in Kerry travelled weekly to Water Babies in Saint Gabriel’s Hydrotherapy pool in Limerick as it was the closest warm pool for the family (almost 4 hours roundtrip).   Carmen weighed only 8 pounds at five months old (10 weeks corrected) and could only swim in a warm water pool as she had no body fat to keep her warm.  Carmen has worked so hard at Water Babies and is such an inspiration. She is a little fighter and is so determined at everything she does. She never complains during the journey to/from Limerick and always was so brave in the water.

Mum Adeline Fahey said “Carmen’s physio recommended that she should start swimming classes to help her development and we are delighted with the results. She has become more confident and her coordination has improved massively.  Water Babies teacher Yvonne has been unbelievable, so caring for Carmen and supportive.  And Carmen always had a smile for Yvonne and trusted her immensely in the pool. We also felt as a family that it was a great bonding time for us with Carmen as both my wife and I alternated the classes.”

Well done to Carmen!