Little Hero Alexandria beat the Wobbles!

Meet our next Little Hero 3-year-old Alexandria MacBride from Dublin!

Alexandria has been swimming with Water Babies since she was 11 weeks old – she took to baby swimming like a duck to water. She had absolutely no fear and progressed really well much to her Mum’s delight.

However, after a change of swimming pools, Alex got the ‘water wobbles’ and became afraid of the water and didn't want to swim, jump in or go under the water. Mum Emma persevered and with guidance from her Water Babies teacher Caeleen, Alex continued her classes at her own pace. Alex now swims on her own, puts her head under the water and has truly amazed her Mum.

Emma said “I am so proud of Alex - she is just 3 and is doing really well. Water Babies is without a doubt the best thing I do with her, no matter what happens in the week it is a half hour for just me and Alex. We love it and Cay our teacher is fantastic.”

Whether it's you or your child who feels anxious about the water click here for more information on the water wobbles or speak to your teacher who will be happy to talk your concerns through with you.