Little Hero Lilly from Tipperary!

Meet our next Little Hero 5-year-old Lilly from Tipperary!

Lilly Carew has been with Water Babies for two and a half years and has loved the water since she was born. Lilly has been swimming on her own for a while and is always delighted to demonstrate to the other kids in her class what they need to do next, when she is asked by her teacher Julia.

Lilly is a great big sister who loves teaching baby sister Sophie who also swims with Water Babies. Sophie didn't have the same love as Lilly does for the water and is not too happy when it is her turn to go underwater. Little Hero Lilly has been teaching Sophie how to go under water and blow bubbles and now Sophie loves it. Mum Aoife said “My heart bursts with pride when I see how far she has come with Water Babies and when I see her swimming around all on her on I am beaming inside and out.”