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Síle Seoige presents Little Heroes Awards 2018!

Following a nationwide search to find Ireland’s most inspiring young swimmers, Water Babies Little Heroes Awards 2018 were presented by Síle Seoige in Junction 6 Castleknock. We were truly thrilled to honour eleven ‘Little Heroes’ who have battled illness and adversity including premature birth and physical disabilities and have shown… Read more

Little Hero Ravenna & Mum both benefit from swimming!

Meet 1-year-old Ravenna Gorman from Co Meath! Ravenna was born with an underdeveloped hip and has been going to specialists and for X-rays over the past year.   Ravenna started swimming at Water Babies when she was only four weeks old and her Mum Yvette believes that since starting Water Babies… Read more

Water Babies singing helps Michael's speech!

Meet 4-year-old Michael Maan from Dublin! Michael was diagnosed as being tongue tied when he was four months old as he wasn’t putting on enough weight.  He was put on solid foods to boost his weight however as the procedure to release his tongue was deemed ‘cosmetic’, his doctor didn’t… Read more

Little Hero Maimoonah splashes from strength to strength!

Meet 1-and-a-half-year-old Maimoonah Syed from Dublin! Maimoonah was born three weeks early and had a low birth weight, jaundice and low blood sugars.   Like many premature babies, Maimoonah was tiny –  she was not very strong and was slow to hold up her head.  When she was 4 months old,… Read more