Franchising in the UK

People just catch the vision!

Since opening our doors for the first time in the UK in 2002 we now have over 50 franchisees teaching in excess of 33,500 clients in around 560 pools each week.

What gives us most satisfaction is the fact that, uniquely in the world of franchising, we’ve never had to advertise for a franchisee: virtually every single one started out as Water Babies clients or teachers. People just catch the vision very quickly!

“The fact that Water Babies has grown so quickly and successfully is almost entirely down to the good things customers and franchisees have to say about the business, rather than any amount it’s spent on marketing! It is unusual to see a business which is driven by caring, people orientated owners, that still achieves the highest levels of professional business standards.” - Bill Pegram, The Franchising Centre

Get some advice
At Water Babies, we’re passionate that franchising should be undertaken professionally and so it’s important to us that you take independent advice on good practise and the right questions to ask. We’re full members of the British Franchise Association and we strongly recommend that in the first instance, you do some research into what’s involved in franchising, so hop over to their site and find out as much as you can.

The Benefits of Franchising
We could list lots – but then we would, wouldn’t we? So we thought you might like to hear it from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) – so here one of our longer-established franchisees tells it like it really is.

The fact that we’ve ‘never had a business failure’, coupled with our winning numerous awards and plaudits, speaks volumes about our approach to franchising:

  • BFA Franchisee of the Year Award (silver) 2009
  • EWIF Woman Franchisee of the Year 2012
  • Medium Franchisor of the Year award in the Best Franchise Awards 2012
  • BFA Franchisor of the Year Award (silver) 2013

Still interested?
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