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We're Ireland's number 1 baby swim school

No one else puts in the levels of professionalism, training and innovation that we do — and no one else works harder to ensure both you and your little one feel safe and happy. So here are our top 11 reasons why we think you’re better off with Water Babies:

1.   Our teachers are among the highest-trained baby swimming teachers in the world: ours are the only baby swimming teachers who can obtain England's national governing body's (Swim England) highest teaching qualification for under 5s.What's more, they're trained to tune in very carefully to the needs of you and your baby, and experts at helping your child to progress at their own rate.

2.      We take babies from birth: our youngest client was just 1 day old!

3.      We teach you to teach your baby to swim: so we'll always explain why we're doing everything as well as carefully demonstrate exactly what to do.

4.      We progress our lessons in line with key phases in child development, allowing little ones to build upon the simple skills they'll learn very early on as they develop physically, intellectually and socially. It's fair to say there's a lot of science behind our methods!

5.      We’re more fun: everything we do is about making learning fun. We incorporate singing and lively games into our classes, make up our own crazy names for things and design our own funky pool toys.

Mum Natasha and little William hold onto the side Natasha and William holding on

6.      We save lives: we know that more than a dozen Water Babies have used their skills to survive after accidentally falling into water — even though they were very young.

7.      We look after our pools: our unique Pool Doctor service maintains a consistent water quality and helps to ensure that the pools we swim in are safe and efficiently maintained.

8.      We take the best photographs: we take more underwater baby photography than any other company — and the quality is outstanding!

9.      We seek out the best products: our buyers scour the planet for the best baby/toddler swimwear, toys, equipment and accessories.

10.      We build community: friendship is important to us, and we actively promote socialising around our classes (not just for the children but for the adults, too!). But don’t just take our word for it, get in touch with your local Water Babies office and find out for yourself!

11. We're rated 5 stars on Feefo from independent feedback based on over 9,500 verified reviews.