Premature babies

Help them to catch up

If your baby was born prematurely, they may experience some delays in the development of their motor skills, as well as appropriate muscle tone, which can in turn impact on other developmental milestones. Swimming can help them to catch up on the stages of motor development that they may have missed, while the increased resistance in the water will help to build their strength and muscle tone.  And the skin to skin contact you’ll experience in our extra warm hydrotherapy pools is excellent for enhancing the bonding process between you – you’ll both really love that special one-to-one time in the water.

  • sessions in the pool are great for strengthening arm, leg and neck muscles, and superb for tiny lungs and cardiovascular fitness.
  • swimming stimulates all of the senses – touch, hearing sight, taste and smell – which is particularly important if your baby’s prematurity has resulted in any sensory deficits, eg. sight or hearing problems.
  • water is a great leveller, allowing you to focus on your baby's abilities rather than their limitations while they simply have fun in a non-competitive environment

Just remember that babies born prematurely won't have a fully developed immune system, so please do check with your health professional before you take them swimming.