There are no limits

Water Babies is a very special kind of company, where people come first. We all love what we do, and are constantly encouraged to become whatever we can be. Inevitably, such positivity leads to a happy mix of friendships and ambition. And the proof is in the pudding:

  • Kim joined us, aged 22, as a part-time swimming teacher - in fact she was our first ever teacher who proudly owns teacher certificate 001. Fast forward a few years and not only is she a senior tutor, but she also runs her own franchise in Norfolk with a staff of 7, teaching around 1,000 babies and toddlers a week. She even represented Water Babies as a keynote speaker at the World Aquatic Baby Conference in Canada!
  • Janice was the very first Head Office administrator back in the early days. She and her partner Arran — who was our first IT employee — are now franchise owners in Yorkshire (they actually had four at one time!) and they, too, teach just under 1,000 babies and toddlers each week.

A wide range of opportunities
At Water Babies, there may be opportunities to work:

  • as a regional franchise-owner
  • as a local baby swimming teacher or dipographer employed by a franchisee (90% of our people are teachers)
  • in an administrative role in a local Water Babies office.

Dive into teaching
Our highly trained, professional Water Babies teachers deliver our specialist swimming programme to tiny infants, bouncy toddlers and parents/carers around Ireland, working anything from a few hours a week to full-time. Although our swimming lessons are carefully structured, our teachers skilfully adapt the lesson plans to the needs of each class and each child.

Our teachers are flexible, creative, enjoy being around families, and are absolutely passionate about what they do. Many teachers originally did the course with their own children, and were so inspired that they joined us: they bring the experience and empathy of having been a customer. Some come straight from a background teaching swimming: they bring industry experience. Others come from an entirely different background, bringing their own special perspective and life experience. Find out more about training and career development for teachers.

Rise through the water
Some teachers go on to train as Water Babies dipographers, helping to ensure that babies feel relaxed and safe during photo shoots and helping to achieve that iconic underwater photo. Teachers can also go on to enjoy a range of other roles as they progress, including senior tutor, mentor or assessor.

Or if you’d rather stay dry…
If life in the water isn't for you, there are plenty of opportunities in our local offices, too. The most important thing to consider is that no two days in a Water Babies office are ever the same - you'll be dealing with a very dynamic mix of babies, water and new parents!

As a full time Client Services Manager you'd be the 'voice' of Water Babies locally, ultimately taking full responsibility for the day to day operational management for customers and the supporting business infrastructure - the person who makes it all go swimmingly!

Or you may prefer to get immersed in the world of our beautiful photography, making it possible for our Water Babies to star in their very own stunning underwater photos. Organising the shoots and viewings of these images is a full time role and the primary responsibility of our Photography & Product is to do just that. There's a lot more to it than you might think!

The best of both worlds
Many of our office-based staff also choose to train as teachers. Not only does this give them a fantastic understanding of what it is we do, but it gets them out from behind their desk, enjoying some healthy exercise in the pool, and creates an invaluable resource for when teachers need cover.

Training & development
We see staff training & development as crucial to our past and future success. Regardless of their role, everyone at Water Babies has to be fully trained. They are all introduced to the relevant courses and information — ensuring they can maximise their own skills as well as working towards achieving their own dreams.

Want to know more?
Find out about our current career opportunities or send your CV, plus a cover letter explaining which role you’re interested in, to