Your protection

Nothing matters more than your baby's safety

As a Water Babies mum or dad, you’ll already know how much care we take with you and your child during our swimming lessons. However, we do understand that you might have particular questions around photography:

Child protection
All of our teachers and dipographers have up-to-date Garda checks — just as you’d expect.

Safety is everything at Water Babies
Your baby or toddler couldn’t be in better hands — which means both yours and ours. You bring your baby to the pool and stay with them throughout the shoot. You briefly hand your baby over to our trained, experienced dipographer for their swim, after which they are then returned to you. All of our usual safety precautions are followed throughout the shoot, and we only use pools which have been risk-assessed and are well known to us.

photo of Joshua

We keep your data safe
Just as with the information we keep on file for your swimming lessons, we follow strict guidelines when storing your and your baby’s data, and won’t pass it to anyone who doesn’t need it in order to be able to supply you with the products you order. We also take full responsibility for your and your baby’s personal data at all times. See our data protection policy.

Third-party access to your baby’s photos
Until you buy your photography from us, the only people who have access to your photos will be:

  • Our professional photographer
  • Our carefully selected and highly professional image-processing centre, which we’ve been working with for years
  • Your local Water Babies team, who will run your viewing event
  • Water Babies’ head office

We’ll always ask you first
We never publish anyone’s photo (adult or child) without asking for permission first. We're always grateful when parents generously allow us to use their images on our website or brochures, however, since it helps other families to understand the high-quality service we offer. We’re so proud of how our little ones perform at the photo shoot that, having obtained permission, we use them throughout our advertising to show how very clever they are!