Bonding with your baby through swimming

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Infant swimming doesn’t just have benefits for your baby; it’s also a great way for you and your little one to bond. Given the hectic schedule that comes with modern parenting, spending one-on-one quality time with your baby during their swimming lessons is the perfect way to both simply ‘be’ in the moment. The giggles, smiles and skin-to-skin contact that you’ll have in the pool are evidence of this strengthening bond.

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact between parent/carer and baby are well-documented. Proven to calm and relax both parties, it can also help to regulate your baby’s heart rate and breathing, stimulate their digestion, regulate their temperature, protect against infection and support long-term emotional wellbeing. For mums and their little ones, skin-to-skin contact also stimulates the mother’s body to release hormones that support breastfeeding and nurturing instincts.

The skin-to-skin contact experienced during infant swimming lessons is something that you’ll both benefit from, and its calming affects are bound to help conquer those early water wobbles! There’ll be nothing more reassuring for your baby than to feel the familiar touch of a carer who is happy, relaxed and attentive in the pool. Likewise, you’ll feel reassured by your baby’s growing confidence in the water.

The long-term benefits of swimming as a family

Whilst swimming will equip your baby with lifelong skills, it’s also great fun! When asked, most children say that their favourite family activity is swimming. Making swimming part of your family leisure time early on is bound to have a lasting impact on your enjoyment of it together. You can create even more happy memories!

Once your baby becomes confident enough in the water, you can begin to introduce these swimming games  to inspire their long-term engagement and enjoyment of swimming.

By creating a positive connection between fun and physical activity, you’ll be setting up your little one with the tools necessary for a healthy, active life. Swimming is great exercise for both adults and children: by bonding with your baby in the water, you’ll both reap the mental and physical rewards that it can bring – both now, and in the future.

Water bonding: it’s good for you too!

Sharing the joy of each new experience your baby has in the water is emotive for any parent. We raise our children to become happy, confident and independent individuals, and swimming provides the perfect foundation on which these traits can flourish. Watching your baby develop their skills and grow more assured in the water will do as much for you as it does for them; many carers experience a new-found confidence in their own ability to support and nurture after teaching their tot to swim. The bonding that comes with it will far outlast your sessions in the pool; from infancy to childhood and beyond, you’ll both be setting up the sort of memories, skills and family ties that lead to health and happiness.

Find your nearest baby swimming class and start your swimming journey today!



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