Jacob beats the wobbles!

Meet our Little Hero award winner 4-year-old Jacob Kearns from Carlow!

Little Hero Jacob Kearns started Water Babies baby swimming classes in The Talbot Hotel in Carlow when Jacob was only 10 weeks. He settled in very well and loved the water however when Jacob was about 2 ½ years old he got the Wobbles!  He started crying during the class and wouldn't participate in the activities and Mum Lucy thought he was just having a bad day.  However one difficult class turned into 10 classes and she was unsure whether they should continue or not. 

Mum Lucy said “This was our special time.  I always wanted to do Water Babies because of the benefits and also to bond with Jacob.  Sandra, our Water Babies teacher was amazing and very patient with us and let us do our own thing during the class.  Jacob loved to swim with the woggle which he calls a "snake" and after many classes Sandra said don't give up on him, even though he’s not participating -  I know he's listening.  After two more classes something amazing happened, Jacob went to his class and did everything he was supposed to and that was the day I cried.  I was so proud and shocked at the same time. I couldn't believe it.  Jacob was completely different child.  Since then Jacob is on back on track. He swims on his own, dive and jumps in the pool and never wants to go home.  Special thanks to Sandra, she is just amazing and I couldn't have done it without her”

Well done to Jacob!