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Bonding time for Hazel & Dad!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Hazel Clancy from Limerick!  Hazel never liked the bath or the feeling of water however it all changed when she joined Water Babies with her Dad when she was 9 months old.   Dad Tony Clancy said  ”We attended a Water Babies taster class… Read more

Swimming benefits Millie’s muscle strength and motor skills!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Millie Dunphy from Kilkenny! Mllie Dunphy started Water Babies in St Patrick's Kilkenny last year. “I firmly believe that Millie's frequent lessons and swim sessions helped her develop the muscle strength to sit up unsupported at a very early age, crawl at 5… Read more

Molly & Mum learn to love the water!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Molly Hanlon from from Meath! Molly was born 7 weeks early in September 2017 and joined Water Babies in Clane earlier this year for a variety of reasons.   Mum Jessica O’Bryan thought it would be a fun and new way to experience some… Read more

Splashy Scott swims, sings & surfs!

Meet Face of National Baby Swimming Week Scott O'Sullivan from Kerry! Scott has been attending Water Babies Classes at the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney since he was just four months old.  He’s a very confident and determined young man who likes to do his own thing. Water Babies has not… Read more

We're celebrating National Baby Swimming Week 2018!

National Baby Swimming Week, which runs from 15 - 21 October in Ireland, is a time to discover the joys and benefits of baby swimming. Little one’s love swimming! But as well as being really good fun – and potentially life-saving, too – swimming from birth is also excellent for their… Read more