The support we offer

We make it easy for you to be successful

The whole point of franchising is that you can start your own business — but still benefit from having proven systems and a well-established market leading brand behind you. But these are the basics, and as any of our franchisees will tell you, Water Babies does not do basic!

Water Babies enjoys a reputation in professional franchising for offering a level of support to our franchisees that is unrivalled. We've a head office staff of 28 to support a network of 52 - that's a ratio higher than 2:1, literally unheard of anywhere else in the world of franchising!

Specialist support to help you succeed
But we've gone further still and organised this team into 12 specialist areas covering everything from aquatics, photography, products & pools to marketing, finance, IT - even data analysis. Told you they're specialist!

Within each specialist area, a 'named' team member is directly responsible for an individual franchise. Across 12 specialist areas, this means that each Water Babies franchisee has a team of 12 people dedicated to the success of their business.

The most significant area of business support is our finance relationship service which undertakes all finance functions for each franchise, including business planning support, invoice processing, bill payments, bank reconciliation, cash management & annual accounts. Most important, though, is the ongoing strategic advice and financial planning that is also given - and which is invaluable if your business is to be as successful as it can be.

Our head office team have expertise and experience in all of the relevant business areas and are always available to help our franchisees set up, grow - and even sell - their Water Babies franchises. Leaving you free to concentrate on the important stuff - the swimming!

To find out more
If you’d like to enquire about franchising with Water Babies, please email us or call +44 1404 548 348.