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Booking fees, welcome packs, cancellations and more!

Your nearest infant-swimming class
Water Babies now covers over 75% of Ireland, so there should be at least one class near you. Enter your county at the top of this page to find your nearest one.

We’re worth every cent
Our lessons are more expensive than most other classes. And so they should be: we invest heavily in making sure ours is the safest, most progressive, most sociable and most expert programme around. Our teachers are better-trained than any others; we hire the warmest pools; and we provide free expert pool consultancy to those venues to ensure that the water quality is consistently the best it can be.

Henry floating on his back Debs and Henry practising floating

The cost of our classes
Please contact your local Water Babies office for details of lesson prices in your area.    

Discounts for siblings
If you have more than one baby/toddler attending, we'll be pleased to offer a 10% reduction off the total price of the combined courses.

Your Welcome Pack
When you start your splashy Water Babies story with us we'll send you a Welcome Pack that includes:

  • Your very own 'Our magical Water Babies story' book to help chart your little one's swimming adventures, with exclusive stickers and badges to collect along the way

  • A nifty Water Babies car-window blind

  • A special 'twinkle twinkle' gift (trust us, you'll love it!)

Your Water Babies Welcome Pack

And you'll also get access to My WaterWorld, where you'll find hand-picked Treats, specially chosen just for you.

What they should wear
All sorts of things can pop out of a young child's body at the most unexpected moments, so we insist - for everyone's sake - that all our Water Babies wear our approved double nappy system at every lesson. It's our commitment to the pools we hire. Your toilet-trained toddler won't feel any hurt to their pride once they see all the other children dressed just the same!

We've put together a 1st lesson bundle of 3 must-have items to get you started - a Water Babies Happy Nappy, changing mat & cosy hooded baby towel. 

Terms and holidays
We generally run 10-week terms across the year, with photo shoots at the end of each term and regular breaks in line with school holidays (including half-terms, bank holidays, Easter, Christmas and a summer break). However local term dates may vary so do please check with your local Water Babies office.

Rebooking with Water Babies
We run an automatic rebooking system, so your local office will be in touch half way through the term to confirm that you want to carry on swimming. It’s very easy: you don’t need to do anything unless you want to change your slot.

How to pay
You can pay over the phone using a debit or credit card, and then use the same card when you rebook. Water Babies won’t store your card details: they’re held by a specialist card-processing company which uses the highest level of transaction security. To keep things simple, and with your permission, your card details can be accessed and used to rebook each new term, or when taking payment for extras such as nappies or photography.

If you have to miss a lesson
We completely understand that having to pay for one or two missed lessons can be irritating, but our costs remain the same whether everyone is present or not. Therefore, Water Babies is under no obligation to refund or transfer your money if you can’t attend part, or all, of the course.

If you have to miss a photo shoot
Don't worry, we'll just carry your slot over to the next shoot so you don't miss out  - we know how special our underwater photos are!

If you have to cancel a whole term
Here’s how it works:

  • Beginners who cancel at least 2 weeks before the term begins will receive a full refund.

  • Beginners who cancel less than 2 weeks before the term begins will receive a full refund — minus a minimum €30 admin charge.

  • Existing customers who cancel a booking at any time after the automatic rebooking date will receive a refund minus an admin minimum of €30.

If your Water Babies swimming lesson is cancelled
Despite our very best efforts to ensure all classes take place, real life does tend to intervene sometimes. It's important to us that, when it's our responsibility, you should never have to request any refund that's due — it’ll happen automatically. Any refunds for cancelled lessons will always be given by the first week of the next term — either credited to your course or refunded directly onto your card.