Our values

Some things really matter

Shared values are what bring people together, and then keep them there. Water Babies has some very strong core values which, we have found, are also shared and appreciated by our Water Babies families and the entire franchise network:

Every child matters.
Every little one is precious — not just to you, but also to us. Be assured we’ll take very great care of you both, and we’ll help you to learn to stay safe around water in other places, too. We’ll also do our absolute best to accommodate babies and toddlers (and parents and carers) with special needs.

Families are important.
We don’t just teach babies to swim: we bring you as their parent or carer into the pool, too, and we show you how to teach your little one. We recognise the vital importance of that special bond between you both, and work hard to promote it within the water. We also see our franchise network and our head office as one big family: not perfect (whose is?) but certainly valued, loved and listened to.

People come first.
Yes, we’re a business, but we’re all about children and families. That’s why you’ll find us so understanding and flexible (and if there’s a reason why we can’t be flexible, we’ll explain why). It’s also why we’re such a caring employer.

We have very high standards.
Some businesses cut corners. We’re not in the sort of business where you can afford to do that: the wellbeing and safety of our Water Babies simply matter too much. Our high standards mean that everything we do (from developing swimming programmes to choosing products for our shop and providing consultancy to the pools we use) is backed by rigorous research and meticulous quality standards.

Physical activity needs encouraging.
We all know about rising levels of child obesity and diabetes, as well as decreasing levels of physical activity. It’s no surprise that the two are connected. That’s why we want to engage babies with physical activity from the youngest possible age, encouraging them to develop muscle tone, use their bodies positively, and enjoy exercise. Hopefully, they’ll carry this with them throughout their lives, growing into healthy adults who will do the same for their children.

Swimming is about more than moving through water.
It’s a great way to develop self-esteem, parental bonding, and social skills — as well as a way to head off any potential fear of water, teach potentially life-saving skills and build a healthy attitude to physical activity. What could be better?