In the community

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously

Helping to save  lives
We’re acutely aware that drowning still accounts for more than 150 deaths in Ireland every year. We’re determined to push that number down by promoting safe practice around water and developing children’s swimming skills from the youngest age.

Promoting long-term good health
We believe that learning to enjoy formalised exercise from an early age can develop a life-long interest in staying fit and healthy, and will help to combat rising levels of obesity, diabetes and other health concerns among children.

Caring about the environment

  • To avoid landfill, we offer reusable swim-nappies and liners as an alternative to disposable swim-nappies, which can be bought direct from most local Water Babies offices.
  • Our strict double nappy system (introduced by us and now standard in most baby-swimming companies!) means no accidents in the pools, and therefore fewer chemicals needed in the water.
  • In all of our offices, we encourage recycling (including ink cartridges), the use of low-energy light bulbs, double-sided printing and, where possible, a daily 'Switch off at the wall' policy.

Considering others in need
We're incredibly proud that since 2009 we've raised over €100,000 with our Splashathon in aid of Ireland’s three national children’s hospitals, which has helped purchase vital life saving equipment such as baby incubators, dialysis machines, ventilators and patient monitors for children.

Being inclusive
We work hard to welcome children with a wide range of special & additional needs.

Being a good customer
We treat our suppliers with great respect and always pay their bills promptly. We are also good tenants of the pools we hire through our Good Pool Partner programme (which means we keep pools and dry areas clear, tidy and hygienic).

Caring about post-birth issues
We’re working with the University of Manchester in the UK to research, among other things, how attending baby-swimming lessons with their little ones might help new mums cope with post-natal depression.